A big up to every one of you who came last year and danced the night away at Gatan, gossiped in the toilets, kissed on the dancefloor, got spanked in Fristaden (Yes, we had a Professional spanker working with us, too bad you missed it), had a swim in our pool (!) area, got a tattoo, flirted, took some selfies, got to experience the beautiful sound of an angel playing the harp in the sand room, danced in the world’s smallest club or just smoked 100s of cigarettes watching the moon.

Thanks to every single one of you who make us feel so brave that we are now opening up season #2. We are SO EXCITED to offer Stockholm another option in summer.

This is our Grand Premier!

On these TWO nights (yes, why have one when you can have two?) you will experience a taste of the summer!

Both with big and internationally known names and local superstars!


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