The Power of Ayurveda - is an entertaining as well as educational lecture by the internationally known Ayurveda practitioner and motivational speaker Janesh Vaidya.

With his traditional wisdom from India and the vast experience of his health practice in Europe and United States for the last two decades, Janesh Vaidya describes simple ways to adapt the most ancient health wisdom to match with your present lifestyle.

In this latest lecture - The Power of Ayurveda - Janesh Vaidya gives you vital tips to understand yourself and the people around you on a deeper level through learning about the core personalities and the imbalances that can cause problems in a person’s physical and mental health.

With the help of this inspiring lecture you can understand every person you deal with in your personal and professional life, such as your partner, children, parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, customers, yes every one you meet in your daily life.

With this wisdom you will also understand ‘why’ rather than merely ‘what’ a person is acting or reacting to you, which will give you a clear picture about the people and the different situations in your life and thus less conflicts and stress in mind.

Since your success is all about how you handle different kinds of people in your life, this lecture can be a ladder to your successful life, where you can maintain a steady and peaceful mind, not fluctuating with the turbulence of situations and provocations by people, where you can stand bravely like the captain of a ship passing through a turbulent ocean. 

Janesh Vaidya, author of the best selling health books in seven languages, now offers this most essential knowledge of your life through his latest lecture - The Power of Ayurveda - which you can watch online this month and start the journey to your success right away!

What else? Every month one ticket holder will be selected to get a two-weeks health retreat sponsorship (worth Euro 2500) at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village in Kerala, India, next year. To participate in this competition please write a motivational sentence about ‘why you want to win this retreat’ when booking your ticket and tick that you accept emails from the organizer. The winner with the best motivation will be announced via email.

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