Learn how to meditate and how to deepen your meditation!

Welcome to this special course where you will be introduced to meditation in theory and practice.

Whether you are already meditating or you haven't started yet; this course will teach you how to meditate and how to deepen your meditation through certain methods and practices which will be introduced during this four sessions course.

Meditation is the practice of self-expansion and becoming one with one's infinite potential, the unaltered state of consciousness.

It requires regularity, determination and direction.

This course is designed to provide inspiration, knowledge and tools to make the journey more enjoyable and insightful!

Guided by Shantimaya, a yoga and meditation teacher (www.yogameditationstockholm.se)

Held over four Thursdays in row ( March 7-28) 18.00-19.00

Cost: 650:- (paid online via the ticket link)

Limited space. Booking in advance is required!

Warm welcome

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