Prosaic Dance in the Visual Arts, or the “Je-ne-sçais-quoy” depicted.

It was a commonplace in literature and poetry to say that grace was elusive, that you can’t describe it with words, that it was “un certain je-ne-sais-quoi”. The painter and the engraver, however, could not escape so easily the necessity of analysing what was graceful at their time, because they had to put something on the canvas or on the paper. In this richly illustrated talk, we will see how the visual artists translated the dancing masters’ “dance in prose” into portraits, fêtes galantes, genre scenes and history paintings.

Mickaël Bouffard is a baroque dancer, art historian and researcher at Sorbonne University in theatrical practices and iconography. He is also scientific and artistic co-director of Theatre Molière Sorbonne, a theater school and also a pre-professional troupe focused on 17th century stage practices.

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