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Startar 09 jun 18:00
Slutar 11 jun 16:00

Tantrickinkretreat - summer edition

Welcome to marinate you and your partner/playmate in Tantrickink for rewarding and playful days and magic summer nights. Start the amazing summer with a three day retreat outside of Vimmerby Sweden.

We will devote ourselves to Power Dynamics and Polarity, Pain & Pleasure, Passion and Presence, Rope and Bondage, Tantric Spanking, and a Magical Play night at a private venue.
This weekend in retreat form is step one to give you an idea of what Tantrickink is. The focus will be on PLAY and exploration between you and your partner or training buddy. The method is learning by doing! During this extended weekend retreat there will also be space for go for a swim or a walk in the forest to get space and time to integrate what goes on in your body.

The course is suitable for both experienced and beginners in tantric exploration or the BDSM sphere. Perhaps you are looking for INSPIRATION and new angles on kinky games and your personal development, or you are looking for a deeper and more intense seasoning of the practice and want to try a little more "spicy" game.

FOCUS DURING THESE DAYS: We will practice playing, feeling, experiencing and being in the darker tantric energies. It is an exercise to start daring to play more with these energies from the heart and body and not from the head. Couple dynamics and dominance play are more like a dance, who is leading and who will follow? We will do many physical exercises and play with these energies. Exactly - PLAY! This exercise is for me a game, there are many of us who need to play a lot more in our lives. Dare to face yourself and your partner or playmate present and open in both pain and pleasure! Get closer to your partner and explore together! If you don't have a partner - bring a playmate with whom you dare to be close. We will of course learn to give and receive conscious spanking in the form of Tantricspanking, with different tools and in different ways. Pain and Pleasure create an opportunity to dive deep into the magic that can happen when we dare to face the pain and the pleasure and deep healing often occurs. Both giving and receiving pain usually awakens a lot within us. We will also practice BOUNDARY SETTING and how to communicate before, during and after a session.

PRACTICAL THINGS: We start with dinner at 18:00 on Friday 9th of June, so be there no later than 18:00 and we finish on Sunday 11th of June at 16:00 We have room for couples/friends sharing a double room (bring linnen). If you have your own toys or tools, you like to use - bring them! For Saturday Night we have a play party - when more expressive clothing is nice, you absolutely do not need special fetish outfits but something that bring out the best in you and that you want to highlight that night.

Cost: 5300 incl. VAT per person (ca 500 €). Use tickster to pay the nonrefundable bookingfee (1000 SEK). I will after that invoice the remains online! Send an email with name and address to info@sofiacerne.se The price includes full board with mixed meals. If you have questions reach out!

If you need to cancel, then up to 30 days before the start of the course, you will receive the registration fee minus the SEK 1,000 booking fee. After that, you can of course sell the place to a friend. If you are ill with illness certificate, you will be given a spot on the next course until the start of the course.

Are you missing a partner right now? If you're brave, feel free to post in the events on FB or Darkside that you're looking for a playmate/training partner. We know several people who have hooked up that way before, if you want it, it will work out! The workshop is suitable for EVERYONE regardles of gender identity or preferences, you don't have to be a loving couple, but it's good if you dare to be intimate and close with each other. We look forward to a magical journey together. Warm welcome //Sofia with team

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