♥ Did we, or did we not meet somewhere? ♥

_ W H Y
As the month of January invades the Nordic with its times of darkness and grim weather, let us remind you of that the winter solstice already passed. NOW the time has come again for us to dream of summer and festival times, ANYWHERE EVERYWHERE SOMEWHERE.

_ W H E R E
At Inkonst in Malmö, the Somewhere Crew invites you to a club night to indulge in an audiovisual experience with new and old pirate friends, start collaborations and find new inspirations. We present 2 dance floors of techno in different shapes and compositions ♥

_ W E ' R E
Somewhere started a few years ago as a gathering of open minded people, as an unexpectable event taking place on its own terms.

In the late summer of 2016 Somewhere went from illegal underground raves in Copenhagen to a yearly independent festival located in the beautiful Boesdal Kalkbrud – exploring the requirement to sublate boundaries between guests and hosts, while creating free space for loving, living and dancing electronic subculture.


– Alexander Wallon
– Johannes Lafontaine
– Miki Skak
– Victor Ocares (live)

////Visual Arts////

– Julia Fovaeus // kbo


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