Café NäRA presenterar stolt, tillsammans med Hemifrån, Kulturbolaget Bara Gört och Studiefrämjandet Sjuhärad, Wanthanee + Fabian Brusk Jahn på Café NäRA på Österlånggatan 12 i Borås den 29:e mars.

Café NäRA med samarbetspartners kommer under våren 2018 att presentera ett knippe nationella och internationella band och artister på Café NäRA. Den fjärde och femte i raden av dessa är :Wanthanee och Fabian Brusk Jahn


Wanthanee is a 23 year old Belgian female singer-songwriter from Chinese/Thai origin."Only Shadows Remain” - her debut-single, had massive airplay on Belgian National radio in 2016. Wanthanee is currently working on her debut-album, scheduled to be released in 2018, and in the meantime she tours around the globe - performing in both
Europe & the US.

Fabian Brusk Jahn

Fabian Brusk Jahn released his debut EP "Faceless creatures" early 2017 on Gothenburg indie label Suicide Records. It contains five tracks of different character, but all with roots growing as a blend of dark folk, americana, singer/songwriter and blues. Fabian writes songs about life and death and everything that comes in between. It’s quite moody stuff, but the good kind. It makes you feel, not necessarily good, but it makes you feel. When played live the slide-guitars, hand claps and picking-guitar the music creates an atmosphere of dark clouds but with some rays of light coming through.

Framträdanden av Wanthanee, + Fabian Brusk Jahn