The Lobby “Room 02:53” 11/11 Doors: 18.30 On stage: 19.00-20.00

”Beauty from Ugly, Expression from Oppression” Viktor Manoel, original punker

Room 02:53 is a Punking/Whacking dance performance that sings-along off-key and celebrates the beauty of failed communication. With the style’s unique take on storytelling and theatrics, five dancers commit to the vulnerability of communicating our emotions. Amplified gestures and sharp movements give Room 2:53 its charm. Join a surreal, mouth-watering and visual experience that encourages you to get caught under its spell and to bask in the chaos.

Punking/whacking is a social dance-style originally created by the queer people of colour of the 1970’s Los Angeles. The style combines expressions from silent films, cartoons and cinema within the context of the underground club scene. It is a dance language designed for reclaiming dignity from an oppressive society.

The Lobby consists of dancers Lauri Lohi and Jérémy Gaudibert from Finland, Marvel Iglesias and Ranya Asadi from Sweden, and Hanne Os Wold from Norway. They work in a number of different dance styles, like whacking, house and funk. Room 02:53 is their first performance as a group.

By/with: The Lobby - Ranya Asadi, Jérémy Gaudibert, Marvil Iglesias, Lauri Lohi & Hanne Os Wold