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Entrén öppnar 24 mar 18:00
Startar 24 mar 19:00

Explore innovative contemporary music through the young talented members of Kymatic in the halls of Musikaliska Kvarteret!

Kуmatic is dedicated to exploring and pushing the boundaries of contemporary music and aim to challenge and engage audiences all over the world. The members comes from diverse musical backgrounds and together they bring a range of skills and experiences to the group. The combination of traditional and modern musical elements creates unique soundscapes and avant-garde interpretations of contemporary music. The repertoire includes works by some of the most groundbreaking composers of our time, as well as original compositions created by the ensemble members.

Since its formation in 2015, Kуmatiс has received critical acclaim for its high-energy performances and its commitment to showcasing new and innovative music. The ensemble has performed at venues and festivals across Russia and Europe, and has collaborated with other musicians and organizations to bring its music to new audiences.

Kymatic is poised to make a significant impact on the contemporary music scene and are looking forward to continuing to share their love for contemporary music with audiences around the world.

The concert promises to be a unique and exciting experience for audiences and music lovers alike.

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