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Startar 10 mar 18:00

Arrangör: Just Enjoy i Borås

Anbaric @ Grill & Gryta

10 mars har vi bjudit in Anbaric och eftersom det är fredag kör vi rockquiz kl. 20

Anbaric beräknas stå på scen kl. 22

Anbaric was founded in Borås, Sweden 2016 by guitarist and composer Kimmo Komulainen. The name itself means electric and this is what Anbaric is all about; straight forward, energetic hard rock with a twist. Kimmo has long nurtured a strong wish to put a band together and channel his many musical ideas, both in the studio and on stage. The result, after many hours of hard work recording, is five powerful albums and a sixth in the works.

Kimmo says “I have always had a deep interest in music but never actually gotten around to do something real about it, until now. It’s been a dream for such a long time to throw myself out there, make professional records, perform and really give it a go. But not until this stage in my life have I been confident enough to make a stand, change my life radically, quit the daily grind and sink my teeth into this on a full-time basis. I realize it is a tough business but I need to do it to stay sane and get all the songs that’s been buried inside out, to be creative and simply see where this lead. You never know… Some things in life you simply have to go for. There is no option”.

Nervous System is no less than the fifth album in a row! The debut album, “Illusion Of The Holy” was released in 2017. Now the juices have been flowing constantly since and Anbaric have been making one track (and video) a month for several years, resulting in the self-titled album “Anbaric” (2019), “The Year Of Anbaric” (2020), “360” (2021) and now “Nervous System” (2022). As the band is currently looking for a new drummer, no one less than Mattias IA Eklundh from Freak Kitchen is helping out behind the kit meanwhile for good fun.

Kimmo Komulainen, guitar
Kim Andrei, vocals, bass

Evenemanget har 18 års gräns.

Framträdanden av Anbaric, Mattias IA Eklundh

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