Solo dance performance by Irina Anufrieva on torture in isolation, based on Schrei 27 (1996) by Diamanda Galás.

In VOID the dancer embodies acts of torture enforced onto a human being as well as the physical and mental effects of it unfolding in time. The body is placed into the room where acts of torture take place and/or took place at a certain point of time. This is a room where it once happened. She then places her body into that frame of time when it took place and forever after.

VOID is a body being exposed to torture and it is the memory of a body that went through it.
"Irina Anufrieva's use of SCHREI 27 for her performance of VOID does me great honor. Her tragic face is malleable or fixed by a transformation inflicted upon her -- a horror we have not witnessed.
The trauma that has infected her is a scar that pulsates."

- Diamanda Galás

Dance and choreography: Irina Anufrieva
Composer (Schrei 27, 1996): Diamanda Galás
Costume and visual design: Joanna Bodzek
Light design: Josefin Hinders

Supported by: Stockholms stad
Co-produced by: Fylkingen
Residency support:

Irina Anufrieva is an independent dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Born in Belarus, Irina is educated at InZhest Theatre in Belarus and SU-EN Butoh Company in Sweden. She also holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts from European Humanities University, Belarus and diploma from choreography department of The Youth Art School, Gomel, Belarus.

“Extreme in their emotional impact, performances by Irina Anufrieva nullify stereotype idea of harmony, beauty and the limits of art. Body here becomes the primary source of meaning, a mirror of traumatic physical and mental experience, a visual metaphor for the memory of terrifying, apocalyptic shocks faced by humanity in the XX century.”

- Svetlana Ulanovskaya

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