Dynamite premiere night w/ Monika Kruse
Saturday, March 10th / 10PM – 5AM
Slaktkyrkan, Stockholm (Sweden)

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Monika Kruse’s commitment and innate musical connection is the key to her status as one of techno’s most beloved and enduring artists for more than 25 years. From trailblazing the dawn of the German dance culture in the early ‘90s, organizing raves in abandoned Munich WWII bomb shelters, to launching her revered Terminal M label in 2000, right through to her DJing schedule this year that will see her play across Awakenings, Time Warp, Hyte Ibiza, Sonus and beyond – Monika stands as one of Europe’s true techno pioneers and one of the genre’s most loved artists.

More artists to be announced.

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Styckmästargatan 10
121 62 Johanneshov

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