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Revival Booking presents:

BLACK CURSE - US www.blackcurse-svr.bandcamp.com www.swampbooking.com/black-curse BLACK CURSE was formed in 2015. Years were spent deep within the fifth cave, painstakingly forming each curse and descending deeper into madness… In 2018, six songs had been completed and released as a privately distributed rehearsal tape, each copy hand delivered to its recipient across Europe and North America. This abomination served to spread the pestilence of Black Curse to initiates and to bind willing co-conspirators. Soon thereafter, a pact was sealed with SEPULCHRAL VOICE RECORDS… In 2019, under the first new moon, Black Curse went into the mountains of Colorado. Sharing tonality and resonance with DEMONCY, BEHERIT, SADISTIK EXEKUTION and KATHARSIS, the album rejects contemporary “scenes” and looks back, toward a time when the lines of black and death metal were blurred, in unholy unity. Harnessing these apocalyptic energies, the members of BLACK CURSE will raise their torches, invoking Chaos and Evil for their first EUROPEAN TOUR 2023; making appearances at CHAOS DESCENDS, BEYOND THE GATES, PARTY SAN OPEN AIR and more.

SPIRIT POSSESSION - US www.spiritpossession.bandcamp.com www.swampbooking.com/spirit-possession Almost three years spent sharpening orthodox weapons, SP reveal their second full length “Of the Sign…’, six schizo spiraling, deranged hymns of Black Heavy Metal from a lost time. While the S/T full length was a raw blistering torrent draped in first wave blood, ‘Of the Sign…’ seems to be thoroughly drenched in its epic, strange and primitive ways. A violent cacophony of insanity laden cavern vocals, labyrinthian guitar trilling, scalding drum brutality, and analog harsh-noise eruptions; these are sinister yet adventurous black/heavy/death abominations from a forgotten age. Erratic musical madness with improbable entrances, and impossible exits. Featuring S. Peacock ( Ulthar / Pandiscordian Necrogenesis / Mastery ) on Strings and Vocals, and A. Spungin ( Vouna / Ormus / Taurus ) on Drums and Handmade Synthesizers.

Tid: 19.00 Plats: The Abyss, Andra Långgatan 35, 41327, Göteborg Biljetter säljes via tickster https://www.tickster.com/sv/events/search?q=revival+booking Ålder: 18+

Vid vidare frågor: revivalbooking@live.com

tourposter-artwork by B. Macleod (@dogpisser)


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