Porter & Thorells Syndrom AB/Rootsy Live STHLM presenterar:


The Southside Cavern (Pub Southside)
Onsdag 30 januari
Insläpp: 20.00
Konsert fr. : 21.00
Förköp: 195 SEK
Biljetter i dörren: 230 SEK

För den som vill äta kan man boka bord innan konserten på: 08-669 50 52

here’s a thunderous noise coming from the mellow landscape of Vancouver Island these days… Hailing from the Cowichan Valley this shaggy haired foursome burst onto the BC music scene with the release of their self-titled debut EP in November 2014 and haven’t stopped since. Mixing vintage southern blues sensibilities with screeching and electrifying guitar riffs, thundering drums, and heart/vibe lyrics, these rock ‘n’ roll brothers-in-arms represent a new generation of North American rock bands.

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