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Startar 21 maj 19:00

Arrangör: REVIVAL

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Revival Booking is pleased to announce Poland’s prodigal, stoney sons of Satan, DOPELORD with support by Sweden’s GOATRIDERS at Hemligheten on 21.05

DOPELORD, the undisputed kings of psyched up, occult flavored stoner doom will ferry us through the burning veil on a one-way trip to the underworld with their massive walls of sludgy fuzz and heavy atmospherics. These hazily heavy denizens of the riff guide us down a slippery slope of soul selling worship of the devil and his lettuce in support of their new album aptly entitled “Songs For Satan.” Infectiously bludgeoning, searing riffage and rhythm, melodically masterful verse and chorus await as Hemligheten becomes our sacrificial altar for a night with DOPELORD and special guests GOATRIDERS.

Revival Booking & Doomstar Bookings presents:

DOPELORD - PL DOPELORD released their debut Magick Rites in 2012, a record that flaunted their love of vintage heavy rock and proto-metal, which The Sludgelord noted for its "huge unstoppable riffing in every song." 2014’s Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult was a leap forward in songcraft, and as the band got serious, they began touring abroad in Western Europe. Critically-acclaimed 2017 album "Children of the Haze" found their formula for drawn-out psych-sludge behemoths perfected, as confirmed by The Heavy Chronicles, which proclaimed, “Nothing will be the same again. There used to be doom, now there is Dopelord.”

As if heralding the actual end times, fourth LP "Sign of the Devil" arrived on March 10, 2020, just as the covid-19 pandemic took terrifying hold of the planet and called the knowable future of humanity into question. Supremely confident in their infectious bludgeon and thematic overtness, DOPELORD presented a record that stepped more fully than ever into both melody and rebellious iconoclasm. Naming "Sign of the Devil" their album of the week, Worship Metal cheered it as, “a torrent of ear-pleasingly suffocating riffs which crush all in their path," adding, "Satan would be pleased."

Derailed from their aggressive live schedule for two years, DOPELORD blasted out the “Reality Dagger" EP in 2021 before setting to work on their boldest statement yet. On October 6th, 2023, their fifth album "Songs for Satan" will induct the mighty foursome as one of Europe's heaviest and most faithful doom purveyors of the new era, crushing everything on their path under the Blues Funeral Recordings banner.

GOATRIDERS - SWE A motley group of furiously fuzz laden, distortion drenched GOATRIDERS magically appear from the misty fields of Linköping bringing infernally noisy and highly energetic stoner rock with esoterically focused, hedonistically crunchy 70’s prog licks and cosmic psychedelic jamming straight to hell. With two long sold out releases to critical acclaim behind the band, we’re pleased to welcome GOATRIDERS to Göthenburg’s pastures in support of the mighty DOPELORD.

Would thou like to live deliciously? Join us for the ritual on the 21st of May.

Hemligheten är, som namnet säger, ett hemligt klubbkoncept som går ut på att engagera folk till att upptäcka nya platser och att uppleva Göteborg i ett nytt ljus. Var evenemanget utspelar sig kommer annonseras till dem som köpt förköp via sms eller email 48 timmar innan insläpp. Ifall du köper en biljett inom dessa 48 timmar så rekommenderar vi att ni kontaktar oss direkt vid köp för att försäkra er om att ni blir informerade om var evenemanget är i god tid. Platsen som dessa evenemang är på kommer alltid vara lättillgängliga/centrala med kollektivtrafik och välkomna för alla över 18 år.


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