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Startar 19 maj 13:30

Arrangör: Debaser

Det är inte möjligt att köpa biljetter till detta evenemang. Evenemanget har redan ägt rum.

1, 2, 3 - Let’s go bitch!

It’s time for the party of the decade, the eras tour pre-party!

Taylor Swift visits Sweden for the first time ever, so SWIFTIES UNITED!

Let’s warm up the muscles and voice the night before Eras tour hits Stockholm, meet new friends and have a bejeweled time!

Remember to bring your friendship bracelets, your best outfit, and "Shake it Off" with us! Swifties, together we'll make the whole room shimmer!

Debaser will take care of you before the concerts start, in the middle of the Eras fairytale and afterwards. When you feel low because its over, let us lift you up with Swiftie-love!

May 16 - Big pre-party club night with dj´s, best dress, ALOT of costume changes and fantastic karaoke

May 19 - Quiz! And a day club for all ages!

May 20 - After Eras tour club, let us give you a huge hug ❤️

Sadly, mother, Taylor Swift will not attend.

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