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Entrén öppnar 31 aug 20:30
Startar 31 aug 21:00

Arrangör: Playhouse Teater

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United Agents presents

Egg shortage

A guest performance at Playhouse Teater

Sally's approaching a certain age. No need for numbers - but getting sweaty at night no longer involves someone else having to be there. So is she worried about being 'Over the Hill'? Well not enough to stop her rolling playfully down the other side. Join her for hilarious tales of dating apps, fragile neighbours, and trying to hold in farts on a yoga retreat.

“Sally-Anne Hayward has figured out her niche is filling that accessible naughty but niceness of early Sarah Millican… whatever she’s selling, we’re buying: the pitch is so practised, so elegant, so unobtrusive you’ll struggle not to laugh.” - British Comedy Guide

  • Tell Teresa: BBC Radio Ulster
  • The Blame Game: BBC NI
  • Elephant in the Room: BBC Radio 4
  • Spit or Swallow podcast

Show length: 60-75 min

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