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Entrance opens 10 Aug 20:00
Starts 10 Aug 21:30

Organizer: City to City

💛 Dick Manitoba 📅 10 augusti, 2024 📍 Platens Bar, Linköping 🧡 Support: The Gristle 🧍Stående publik 🔞 Från 18 år

Tider 20:00 - Dörrar ● Speltider: TBA

💛 HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA SINGS THE DICTATORS... AND OTHER PUNK CLASSICS! …Some new ones too!!! For over 40 years, HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA was the lead singer, frontman and face of the DICTATORS, MANITOBA’S WILD KINGDOM & THE DICTATORS NYC. He did stints on the road singing with the legendary MC5, ran his own New York City tavern, MANITOBA’S, for 20 years and did a national five night a week rock 'n' roll radio program on SiriusXM satellite radio.

"But I haven't had enough yet. As as my hero, Iggy Pop said, ‘I WANT MORE!’”

Coming out of one of the richest, most notorious scenes in rock 'n' roll history, punk rock, and CBGB's, Mr. MANITOBA has decided he needed to breathe in more oxygen, via live rock 'n' roll. And although he has parted ways with his old band of many decades, don’t be fooled,

HANDSOME DICK is still "faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, can reach tall buildings in a single bound and bend steel with his bare hands.” Which leads to this... MANITOBA is dying to get on the road and entertain all y’all's asses BETTER THAN EVER! And of course he's lucky enough to have found an amazing band out of the great city of San Francisco featuring Craig Behrhorst (Ruffians, ex-Two Bit Thief)—guitar, Michael Butler (ex-Exodus and ex-JetBoy)-bass, Alex Kane (Life, Sex & Death and ex-Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg)-guitar and Scotty Slam (ex-Circus of Power and The Stoning)-drums.

Don't miss your chance to see a living, breathing, high energy, original 70's, OG punk rock organism!

👜 VÄSKFÖRBUD På evenemanget gäller väskförbud. Små väskor (max 20x20x10cm) OK, men kommer att genomsökas av entrévärd.

♿TILLGÄNGLIGHET Personer med rörelseförhinder kan besöka Platens via annan entré, kontakta oss på City to City eller för information.

Evenemanget sker i samarbete med Linköpings kommun och Studieförbund i Samverkan.

📍PLATENS BAR Address: Platensgatan 5, 582 20 Linköping

Stående publik 🔞 Från 18 år

Performances by Dick Manitoba

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