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Starts 01 Jun 17:00

Organizer: Pustervik

It is not possible to buy tickets for this event. The event has already taken place.

Revival Booking presenterar:
Pustervik - Matsalen (separat entré från Järntorgsgatan)
Lördag 1 juni 2024
Åldersgräns: 18 år
Dörrar: 17.00

REVIVAL is pleased to present the first iteration of “FOR THE REVIVAL OF BEAUTIFUL ARTS” a showcase festival of sorts, bringing you the essence of our wide-ranging booking program.

Young Acid - Punk infused, electric garage rock

Introducing YOUNG ACID! Revival is proud to bring you YOUNG ACID for their debut show, in conjunction with the release of their debut album ‘Murder At Maple Mountain.’ A veritable super group borne of the union from members of Greenleaf, Domkraft, Grand Cadaver, Besvärjelsen and The Moth Gatherer, we have a raucous, new animal on the scene and if their hefty lineup doesn’t pique your interest, their raw, rebellious energy, fiery riffs and punchy, lyrical irreverence will. This fierce fivesome is here to ignite the stage with their punk infused garage rock celebrating the legacy of Astrid Lindgren and are a kick ass juggernaut who will capture your hearts and minds with their shimmering brilliance.

Minami Deutsch - Ultimate, cosmic Krautrock from Tokyo

Self described “repetition freaks,” Minami Deutsch cite psychedelic rock and minimal techno as guideposts, but—as evidenced by a band name that is Japanese for “South Germany”—they’re mostly obsessed with and influenced by krautrock. Formed in 2013 playing live music on the busy streets of Tokyo, Minami Deutsch have released three full length albums all to critical acclaim from notable international media platforms. A European tour and prestigious appearances at events such as Desertfest Belgium, Roadburn and the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia preceded their first visit to Gothenburg in 2023 and to see them back with us in 2024 is nothing short of an honour and a privilege. Within their profoundly diverse sound, Minami Deutsch retains the principal ingredients of mesmerising repeat, signature fuzz, thumping bass and dream-like vocals giving a hypnotically rich experimentation to the exploration of the kraut genre.

Bear Mountain Park - Emotively soulful indie daddiez.

Bear Mountain Park makes music that comes from creating with total freedom and with the key word: feeling. Stylishly exploring a vast territory of shimmering acoustic-folk inspired moods to electronic soundscapes infused with lyrical themes leaving much to the imagination, their creative process is approached like painting a canvas, whether it be expressionistic, surreal, or abstract as long as it resonates with the soul. Established in 2021, the band began as a heartfelt idea cultivated over years of time and a deep friendship culminating in the compilation of a handful of songs during 2020 in the southernmost part of Sweden. The duo is comprised of a singer-songwriter with a background in music production; and a composer, vocalist, and violinist also in the alternative metalcore band Imminence. Revival is pleased to present their unique style and uncanny ability to deliver hard hitting emotional songs while seamlessly blending elements of indie, folk and pop music.

EF - Compelling melodic post rock.

Göthenburg’s EF are a gripping post-rock ensemble who since their formation in 2003, have captivated audiences with their emotionally charged instrumentals which they skillfully blend with northern melancholy and indie rock riffs infused with short, energetic bursts of hardcore essence. Their intuitive use of enthrallingly tender vocals makes their melodies engrossingly compelling to a diverse fanbase. Their debut album, "Give me beauty... Or give me death!" (2006), marked the commencement of a spellbinding adventure into EF's immersive soundscapes which five releases later have seen them touring extensively over 400+ shows all over Europe and Asia. In over 20 years together as a band and creative force EF's ability to craft evocative an

Performances by Minami Deutsch, EF, Young Acid, Bear Mountain Parks

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