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Starts 03 Jul 18:00

Organizer: Kullar&Klang

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Stuff in the Park Norrdans (English)

Experience contemporary dance in a nearby park. Norrdans collaborates with some of the Nordic region's most exciting choreographers in a format where the audience gets close to both grass and movement.

You arrive at a park. It is green and inviting. Summer has just arrived and the park feels like it's painted in neon. You are greeted by a group of dancers who guide you around to different corners of the park. There you get to experience four completely unique dance works by the Nordic countries' currently most interesting choreographers. Among budding flowers, fresh air and summer vibes, world-class dance and choreography arise.

Four Nordic choreographers in a pared down but blooming format.

Norwegian Ingrid Berger Myhre has made a name for herself as a consistent and playful choreographer. In the space between the constructions of language and the organizational system of choreography, she places her works. There will be dancing linguistic and semantic jumps when Berger Myhre creates intelligent and cheerful choreography.

The promising Swedish choreographer Philip Berlin creates extreme and articulated dances that draw the viewer into intense moments of complete concentration.

Danish artist Sigrid Stigsdotter creates emotional work where the dancers move between dream and reality. Her work almost feels like looking into something extremely private and often strange, it becomes soft and hard every other time.

Finnish Janina Rajakangas has worked a lot with amateurs in her artistry. It is political, humorou

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