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Entrance opens 31 Aug 17:00
Starts 31 Aug 20:00

Organizer: medley

Bistro och bar öppnar klockan 17:00. På scen ca 20:00.

The Darts formed in 2016 with the goal of making great all-girl garage-rock noise, see the world, and have a fab slumber party every night. We threw on some vintage black slips, threw off our shoes, and set out on the adventure.

In 2023, Alternative Tentacles released Snake Oil, our fourth full-length record, funded entirely by fans. Snake Oil was co-produced by Jello Biafra himself and got rave reviews worldwide.

The summer of 2023 saw a massive 10-week European tour with special European versions of Snake Oil, we had sold-out shows in Madrid, London, Cherbourg, Edinburgh, and many more amazing places, and played Munster Raving Looney Party, Relache Fest, Festival Beat, Loungefest, Muehlen Madness, and Freakout Fest. We quickly sold out the first pressingsof the new record in both the US and Europe in two months and second pressings were rushed out on both continents.

In the midst of all of this action, we went back into the studio with legendary producer Mark Rains in Los Angeles and our next full-length album, Boomerang, is due out in Spring 2024 on Alternative Tentacles.

"Gets even the most apathetic nerds moshing. Crank it!" - Rolling Stone (FR) "The Darts 'Take What I Need.' Very cool." - Stephen King, author "One of my new favourite bands." - Dave Vanian, The Damned "The Coolest Song In The World" - The Underground Garage (SiriusXM Radio) "Cramps' spooky punk and Stooges/ raw chaos, by a quartet of garage goddesses." - RockNYC

Åldersgräns 18-år. I målsmans sällskap 13-år.

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