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Emmon + Staatseinde + Le Volt på Nuclear Nation

Lørdag 1. juni 2024
Palatset i Linköping

Indgangen åbnes 01 jun 18:00
Starter 01 jun 19:00

Arrangør: Nuclear Nation

Det er ikke muligt at købe billetter til dette arrangement. Begivenheden har allerede fundet sted.

-- EMMON (SE) -- With her explosive one-woman shows and engaging DJ-gigs, Emmon quickly took her place front and centre of the electroclash genre at alternative stages in Sweden, and entered the music industry by producing highly coveted remixes of famous Swedish acts such as The Knife, Melody Club & BWO. Emmon has been crowned Sweden's electro queen, released 4 full-leangth albums and completed numerous tours, club and festival performances. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3j7fB2XnXE

-- STAATSEINDE (NL) -- From Wave to EBM, from NDW to Punk and everything else in and out of the box. It is like going to the club meeting up with Kraftwerk on speed and The Sex Pistols on Acid. Staatseinde creates a theatrical mix of pulsing electro with nostalgic hopeful synth lines, all performed live with synthesizers, a sequencer and tantalizing vocals. https://youtu.be/2OnYynNpwfY?si=C1qAzbAPGA2-LKJO https://youtu.be/eRJfKqLIKXc?si=aAYfIhaGZ1W6P1av

-- LE VOLT (SE) -- Breaking new ground with their unique fusion of pop, synth and electro. With Toril Lindqvist (Alice in Videoland) and Magnus Norr (The Girl & The Robot, Norr and others) at the helm, the band creates a magical sound. With their innovative twist and love of the 80s, they are reminiscent of a modern-day Pet Shop Boys. The debut album Kittens & Fuckos was released in 2022 and the follow-up is in the final stages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9kdPzh2zmg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e87G1UqR2k

INTRÄDE Förköp: 240 kr Ordinarie: 290 kr

Plats: Palatset, Drottninggatan 23, 582 25 Linköping Hitta hit: https://g.page/Palatset Åldersgräns: 18 år När: 2024-06-01, 19:00-01:00 Tillgänglighet: Palatsets lokal är funktionsvänlig. Ring gärna på 013-10 31 13 vid frågor. Arrangemanget presenteras av Nuclear Nation, med stöd från Kultur- och fritidsnämnden i Linköping.


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