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Starter 29 maj 19:00

Arrangør: REVIVAL

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Revival is pleased to announce the landing of UFOMAMMUT joined by YURI GAGARIN for two sonically sublime shows.

31.05 Göthenburg, Musikens Hus 01.06 Stockholm, Kollektivet Livet

UFOMAMMUT’s crushingly expansive space-rock has traversed territories of sludge, stoner doom and drone-blended atmospheric postrock for more than two decades yet simultaneously remains an entirely singular animal, a truly majestic and defining beast all to its own. With tectonically crushing heaviness at centre of their prolifically compelling vision, this legendary band bring Göthenburg and Stockholm a heroic dose of their cosmically profound and psychedelically super-charged heft in celebration of 25 years as a band.

To celebrate this amazing milestone we have an incredible addition to add, UFOMAMMUT will be joined by the incomparably trippy YURI GAGARIN, Sweden’s own supernatural space rock pioneers. We will blast off into boundless territories unknown with these righteously riffing kosmonauts of tone, see you on planet heavy on 31.05 in Göthenburg and in the capital, 01.06!

Revival Booking presents:

UFOMAMMUT - IT Ufomammut formed in the late 90s by Poia (guitars, FXs) and Urlo (bass, vocals, FXs, synths), rising from the ashes of past band Judy Corda, together with Vita (drums) For more than two decades, UFOMAMMUT has combined the heaviness and majesty of dynamic riff worship with a nuanced understanding of psychedelic tradition and history in music, creating a cosmic, futuristic, and technicolor sound destined for absolute immersion. The new album Fenice (“phoenix” in Italian) represents endless rebirth and the ability to start again after everything seems doomed. The album (out via Neurot Recordings) is the first recording with new drummer Levre joining Poia and Urlo, marking a new chapter in the band’s history and unveiling a more intimate, free sound for the group. While the band is renowned for their psychedelic travels into the far reaches of the cosmos, Fenice is a much more introspective listening experience. The album was conceived as a single concept track, divided in six facets of this inward-facing focus. Sonic experimentations abound in the exploration of this central theme; synths and experimental vocal effects are featured more prominently than ever before as the band push themselves ever further into the uncharted territory of their very identity. Each oscillation of this extraordinary album feels inevitable. The members of UFOMAMMUT are, after all, masters of their craft, and when it comes to creating enveloping sonic journeys into the unknown, it’s their uninhibited sense of exploration that breaches new sonic ground. Fenice is the sound of a band whose very essence has been rejuvenated and are welcoming the chance to create music in the way they know best; by unfolding carefully and attentively, by melding those extreme dynamics which render Fenice as a living and breathing creature, and by writing gargantuan riffs that herald their very rebirth. Poia and Urlo are both founding members of rock ‘n’ roll graphic design collective Malleus, and of the label Supernatural Cat (who most recently put out the solo albums of Urlo, under the name, The Mon). Like any good psychedelic trip, the music of Ufomammut has always been inextricably intertwined with visual art. Poia describes longer compositions “like a painting” as if to reinforce the relevance and importance of visual art in Ufomammut’s music.

YURI GAGARIN - SWE Yuri Gagarin is a richly cosmic listening experience rooted in 1970s space rock and krautrock through wicked lashings of post-metal and stoner rock while laying down a unique and intense heaviness. Masterfully layered guitars and analog delay, vintage synths, reverb, space echo and other retro psychedelic elements combine to take the listener on an interstellar voyage of heavy psyche and astral groove.


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