Debaser Medis i Stockholm

Okean Elzy (UA)
Debaser Medis
13 oktober 2016
18 år (13 år i målsmans sällskap)

AIT Music Production and Goldenzwaig Creative Solutions Present;
OKEAN ELZY is The biggest act that the 42 million country of Ukraine ever witnessed. A world class rock band and a national legend, well famous all over the world.
For the first time in history, in 2016 OKEAN ELZY includes Sweden in its tour route. The band hits the road for a 2-year long World tour to support its ninth studio album ‘Without limits’ (Ukr: “Без меж”).
Okean Elzy has previously released 8 iconic studio albums: “Tam, De Nas Nema” (1998), “Yananebibuv”(2000), “Model” (2001), “Supersimetriya” (2003), “Gloria” (2005), “Mira” (2007), “Dolce Vita” (2010), “Zemlya” (2013).
Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, the lead vocalist and founder of OKEAN ELZY, is a civic activist of a national scale and has a PhD in physics and mathematics. The national weekly “Korrespondent” included Sviatoslav Vakarchuk in the top hundred most famous and influential people in Ukraine.
Vakarchuk has taken part in the political life of the country. In 2005 he was elected a Member of Parliament of Ukraine and worked as a legislator in the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Expression and Information.
OKEAN ELZY’s frontman also engages in various social and cultural projects. He is the founder of the Charity Fund “Lyudi Maybutnyogo” (People of the Future). The fund finances and supports numerous projects aimed at the promotion and development of education, computer literacy and sustainability. Together with his fellow band members, he actively supported IOM and MTV Europe’s human rights campaign “People Are Not For Sale.” In 2003 Svyatoslav became an Honorary Ambassador of Culture in Ukraine. In 2005 he was titled Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Development Programme.

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