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Pentagram was initially formed in 1971 by Bobby Liebling (vocals) and Geof O'Keefe (drums) with Vincent McAllister
on guitar and Greg Mayne on bass. After recording several demos throughout the mid-70’s, this line-up lasted until
1976. Much of the material that would be released decades later as "First Daze Here" was recorded by this original
incarnation of the band.

Pentagram would then lay dormant until Liebling connected with Joe Hasselvander in 1978. Hasselvander was
playing in a singer-less group consisting of himself (drums), Richard Kueht (guitar), Paul Trowbridge (guitar), and
Marty Swaney (bass). Liebling soon joined and the group took on the Pentagram moniker as they began performing
Liebling's material from the previous Pentagram line-up. After playing several shows and releasing a 7" single in
1979, personal differences consumed this line-up by the end of that same year.

In 1980, guitarist Victor Griffin and bassist Lee Abney had formed a band called Death Row in Morristown, TN. Griffin
then met Hasselvander and relocated Death Row to the northern Virginia area and began playing together. After the
trio began rehearsals without a singer, Hasselvander introduced Griffin to Liebling. After only one jam session
together, Liebling joined as vocalist for Death Row. Former Pentagram member Martin Swaney soon replaced Lee
Abney on bass and the classic Death Row line up was forged. Following demos recorded in 1982 and 1983,
Hasselvander left the band, Stuart Rose was chosen as his replacement, and the band changed their name to
Pentagram. Subsequently, the 82/83 Death Row demos, which had been packaged together under the title "All Your
Sins," was then released as the first official Pentagram album in 1985... The debut was simply titled "Pentagram."

After recording their second album, "Day Of Reckoning" in 1987, the band folded yet again in 1988 when Griffin left
for other opportunities on the west coast. In 1989, Greg Mayne (bass) returned and Randy Palmer (guitar) joined
Liebling with the addition of Ted Feldman on guitar and Jon Cook on drums. The band was working towards
recording a third album, but shortly after their first live performance, they imploded yet again.

In 1993, the "Death Row" line-up of Bobby, Victor, Joe, and Marty reformed when Peaceville Records reissued the
first two albums. With additional Peaceville support, they went on to release their third full-length album, "Be
Forewarned" in 1994. Later that same year, Joe and Marty departed once again and in stepped Greg Turley on bass
guitar and Gary Isom on drums. This line-up lasted until early ’97 when internal pressures and differences arose and
the band went their separate ways.

1999 saw Pentagram re-emerge once again in name only as a duo consisting of Liebling and Hasselvander. The pair
recorded both 1999's "Review Your Choices" and 2001's "Sub-Basement" on Black Widow Records, but a live
version of the band never solidified and, once again, Pentagram's future was in question.

In 2004, Liebling recruited guitarist Kelly Carmichael, bassist Adam Heinzmann, and drummer Mike Smail, all
members of Frederick, Maryland based doom act Internal Void. The new lineup recorded the "Show em How" album
but, as history recounts, this line-up couldn’t survive the ongoing turmoil within Liebling’s life and split soon after the
release of the new album.

In August of 2008, a new Pentagram lineup was announced which featured Liebling being joined by Russ Strahan on
guitar, Gary Isom, who had played with the band in the mid-90s, returning on drums, and Mark Ammen on bass.
After a relatively successful string of shows over the next year and a half, Russ Strahan abruptly left the band in
March of 2010.

Just prior to the start of a tour in May of 2010, Pentagram unexpectedly announced the return of guitarist Victor
Griffin and bassist Greg Turley as touring members while Griffin's P

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