Drew Holcomb (US) + Kris Gruen (US) + Peppina (F)

Capitol i Stockholm

En helkväll med Tre helt unika Singer Songwriters!

Drew Holcomb:

Hur skriver man en presstext om Memphis-födde Drew Holcomb? Artister som Drew är inte lätt att "hypa upp" med en text. Den ödmjuke och anspråkslöse Drew är en väldigt fin låtskrivare och sångare, flera hyllade skivor och en strålande karriär hemma i USA. Men ändå är det svårt. Drew är en artist så självklar i det han gör att man inte vill dra paralleller med andra artister eller låsa honom i en genre. Han gjorde braksucce på sin första Rootsyturné 2014 och äntligen kommer han tillbaka för ett Sverige-gig!

Kris Gruen:

Kris Gruen writes songs about grown up life infused with a mystic wonder, softening the world’s sharp edges like a glass of exceptionally fine bourbon. Kris grew up steeped in classic records. His Americana influenced new folk is grounded in the tradition of great narrative songwriters like Cat Stevens and Paul Simon and yet Kris’s voice is strikingly current. A New York City native who’s put down roots in Vermont, Kris effortlessly blends sagacious wit and emotional depth. Americana UK writes "There is the sense of theatre that artists such as Sufjan Stevens achieve, and Gruen's music certainly stands alongside such artists comfortably…truly a thing of beauty.” While often garnering comparisons to contemporaries like The Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, and Andrew Bird, Exclaim! Canada’s Music Authority aptly notes, “Kris Gruen is no mere imitator. He possesses a sound all his own.”


Words are a funny thing. There are a select few people who can do something much more than simply speak or sing with them -- they craft them to make magic.

Peppina is that kind of artist. Give this gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist a phrase, and she'll turn it unexpectedly on its head. And that's just the beginning – this wise 19-year-old is as playful with music as she is with words. When Peppina puts them both together something special happens: an emotional alchemy that’s making people stand up and pay attention.

"I think one of the greatest things for people to feel is that someone understands you," she says of her strikingly original songwriting. "I always want to make that kind of connection, if I can. But if someone hears one of my songs and gets angry, that's great too -- it’s a powerful emotion that makes things happen."

Peppina hails from Finland, a northern European country with great natural beauty but with a culture that, in her opinion, values modesty a bit too much. For years this appreciation for humility as a public standard held her back from stepping into the spotlight. But as her skill on vocals, piano, guitar, and classical flute grew in step with her wordsmithing abilities, she made a discovery that would help set her free.

Bild för Drew Holcomb (US) + Kris Gruen (US) + Peppina (F), 2016-09-06, Capitol
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