The Sacrifice/Offret, 15 september 18.00

Bio Victor, Filmhuset i Stockholm

Erland Josephson is an ageing intellectual in a secluded house on the island of Gotland. Upon hearing the thunder of an approaching apocalypse he asks God to save the world and take him instead. Andrei Tarkovsky directed his last film in Swedish exile, with magnificent production design by Anna Asp and cinematography
by Sven Nykvist, both longtime collaborators of Ingmar Bergman. Tarkovsky was awarded with the Grand Prize of the Jury in Cannes.

Direction: Andrei Tarkovsky, cast: Erland Josephson, Susan Fleetwood, Sven Wollter, 1986, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, 35 mm, 2 hrs 29 min, Swedish, English subtitles, available from 11 years

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Bild för The Sacrifice/Offret, 15 september 18.00, 2016-09-15, Bio Victor, Filmhuset
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    Bio Victor, Filmhuset (59.34 18.1024)
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