"Baltic Folk" Tour - Summer 2017

Wisby Strand i Visby

Baltic Sea Philharmonic – a new era in performance and presentation
The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a new force in music and culture. Born out of the success of the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, it takes the traditional orchestral model further than it’s gone before, the orchestra is becoming a whole social movement, with a vision for the Nordic region that encompasses the environment, culture and society. Kristjan Järvi explains: ‘The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is the one single Nordic cultural export that unifies all ten countries that surround the Baltic Sea. From Norway to Russia, whether they’re in the EU or not, whether they’re north or south – we’re all connected by this incredible body of water. And with this orchestra it is a new beginning in a unified Baltic region which finds its mission in the discovery and empowerment of self and this entrepreneurial and start-up mentality which has gripped the region, everything from fashion to technology. It’s all part of our culture. With Baltic Sea Philharmonic we’re discovering this.’

Bild för "Baltic Folk" Tour - Summer 2017, 2017-08-19, Wisby Strand
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