Among the Elves, 1 oktober 16.00

Bio Mauritz, Filmhuset i Stockholm

“Nothing is true, but everything is possible”. One of many artists to pass away this year was Freddie Wadling, iconic underground singer with a unique and quirky voice, who was a front man of bands such as Fläskkvartetten, Cortex and Lädernunnan. Kirsi Nevanti’s intimate documentary of Wadling is poetic and emotional, with beautifully composed images of the artist and his surroundings. It also contains several live performances, some created solely for the film. TB

Original title: En släkting till älvorna, director: Kirsi Nevanti, cast: Freddie Wadling, Bella Wadling, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, 1999, Sweden, 35mm, 1hr 33 min, Swedish, English subtitles, suitable for 7 years

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Bild för Among the Elves, 1 oktober 16.00, 2016-10-01, Bio Mauritz, Filmhuset
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    Bio Mauritz, Filmhuset (59.3401 18.1037)
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