Raw Vegan (un)Cooking Course

Bliss Cafe i Stockholm

Welcome to this new course where you will learn and enjoy many raw vegan recipes, preparing together surprisingly delicious dishes that are healthy and yet simple!

A learning opportunity and an inspiration for:
1- discovering a new style in making food that is unique and outstanding.
2- combining spices and herbs in different ways, creating many new flavors.
3- becoming healthier while still eating surprisingly delicious food.
4- getting maximum nutrition through your food where vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been maintained without being destroyed
5- cleansing your body by eating raw.
6- feeling energized, happy and high after each meal!

This course is led by Shantimaya; who has vast imagination for constantly creating new recipes and flavors. Shantimaya is the author of one wonderful vegetarian cooking book: ''Kitchen of Love'' (www.kitchenoflove.org) and now he is writing his new raw vegan recipes book ''Kitchen of Life''. He is also a homeopath (www.homeopathy.se) and a yoga and meditation teacher (www.yogameditationstockholm.se)

All prepared dishes will be served and enjoyed over the session! So come with an empty stomach and bring your best appetite!

Price: 650 kr (purchased online)

Limited space! Booking in advance is required!


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