All meetings with John de Ruiter 2017

Finlandshuset, Sibeliussalen i Stockholm

Meetings with John are for the realization of meaning in all aspects of our existence, to address life by knowledge and sincerity rather than fear, desire, and speculation. Life is mysterious, but we are able to know. We know how we are being inside, when the heart is hard and when it is soft. We know kindness and love. We know what is true within and we can know the deeper meaning of this life.

John holds five meetings in Stockholm 2017, exploring, through dialogue and silent connection, the foundations and subtleties of being alive. The objective is existence calling attention to itself, compelling us to know and be what is true.

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Bild för All meetings with John de Ruiter 2017, 2017-05-05, Finlandshuset, Sibeliussalen
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