Stockholm Slaughter: The Awakening

Fryshuset i Stockholm

STOCKHOLM SLAUGHTER - Scandinavia’s newest metal festival
Stockholm has for a long time been a launching pad for musicians, a foster for music innovation and the cradle for many worldwide established metal acts. Metal genres have seen the daylight or have their roots in the darkness of the Scandinavian capital. Stockholm Slaughter is a festival born to honor it and build a sacred shrine where crowds can worship its legacy.

On April, the 29th, 2017 a carefully selected line-up of metal acts will emerge to quench the thirst for what defined and shaped metal, as we know it today.

The first band that joined our procession, WATAIN will play their second opus “Casus Luciferi” in its entirety, the only such ritual ever to be performed on Swedish soil. No need to yearn for the old days, the past will now be resurrected and made one with the present!

We go back in time to commemorate Scandinavia’s pagan history with one of the oldest Swedish Viking metal bands, MÅNEGARM that will lead the ranks of heathens with a set focused mainly on early releases.

With roots in the deep western woods of Värmland, DRACONIAN is returning to Stockholm with their latest gothic/doom-opus, “Sovran”.

URFAUST, the Dutch cult of delirious madness will be playing on Swedish soil for the very first time while Ritual Butcherer and Lord Angelslayer, the infamous Finnish twins, also known as ARCHGOAT will be making their return to Stockholm to preach their “Grand Luciferian Theophany”.

Born from the ashes of the underground legend Kaamos, THE CURSE is set to mesmerize and ensnare with their straight-into-your-face death metal.

PORTRAIT’s upcoming album “Burn the World” is set for release in 2017 via Metal Blade Records and their appearance at Stockholm Slaughter will be the first one where material from the new album will be performed live.

MORTUUS, a dark shadow from Norrland has been forging black metal that pays homage to the most sinister aspects of existence since 2003, yet never performed in Sweden. The 29th of April 2017 will be a steppingstone for the band, as their first ever live appearance in Scandinavia.

Last but not least, Niklas Kvartforth will make his long-awaited return to his hometown to perform with his controversial band SHINING for the first time in 12 years!

Stockholm Slaughter embarks on a journey to make this event a one of a kind experience for a wide audience and build a solid landmark in the Scandinavian metal landscape for years to come.

Additional acts to be announced shortly.

Age limit: + 18 years old
Location: Fryshuset - Stockholm
Price: 790 SEK + service fee (limited batch - the next 300 tickets only)
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