Russ Tolman & Count Vaseline

East West i Örebro

As the son of a rancher and a former burlesque dancer, folk rock singer/songwriter Russ Tolman grew up in California and Arizona with a romantic view of the American West. Meeting Steve Wynn and Kendra Smith at university, Tolman found himself along with his new cohorts forming a band called Suspects. Fast forward a couple years, and Wynn and Smith have moved to Los Angeles to become the Dream Syndicate, while Tolman founded True West, which became the northern guardians of what was to be called the Paisley Underground.

Whether tender acoustic ballads or blistering rock guitar rave-ups, Russ Tolman has crafted some of the most literate and memorable music in underground rock. So buckle up, throw it in gear, put your foot on the accelerator, and hit the road with Russ Tolman.

International man of mystery Count Vaseline may (or may not be) Berlin based (or was that Atlanta or Dublin?) songwriter and experimental musician / producer Stefan Murphy, former leader and singer of Ireland’s The Mighty Stef. As well as being the sole heir to a profanely large petroleum-jelly empire, The Count makes alternative music. Psychedelically treated pop with humanity, humility and an occasional glimmer of humour that is ridiculously sublime and sublimely ridiculous in almost equal measure.

Arrangör är Anders Damberg.

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