Billy and The Kids 28/1 2017!

The Southside Cavern, Pub Southside i Stockholm

Porter & Thorells Syndrom AB presenterar: Billy and The Kids
The Southside Cavern 28 januari 2017
Insläpp: 20.00
Live fr. 21.00
Förköp: 100 SEK
Biljetter i dörren: 150 SEK
OBS! Begränsat antal biljetter!

Billy and The Kids
Billy and The Kids Rockabilly Trio have existed since the year 2000 and was originally created just for fun because at the time singer lead guitar player Stefan Billy was touring with another Rockabilly Trio named Wreckless. The main idea with Billy and The Kids was to book gigs when Wreckless wasn't touring. Wreckless started touring in 1995 and made 2 full CDs’. Wolf Cat (1999 on Last Buzz) and Boppin' in the Dark (2005 on Tail Records).
After a couple of years, Billy and The Kids started to get more and more gigs everywhere and up until today they have made 4 albums:
Old Dogs Can’t Sit (2007), Love Rocket (2011), I Want You (2013) and Dial My Number (2015 on El Toro Records, Spain). The last 3 albums were recorded and produced at Riff Hard Studios in Sweden.
All albums are available on Spotify. The music and influences are both Old School and New School Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll and Rhythm’n’Blues. Half of the repertoire are self-made songs. Inspiration and influences include Johnny Burnette, early Elvis, Gene Vincent, Ral Donner, Darrel Higham, Brian Setzer, Big Sandy, Eddie Cochran, Lemmy Kilmister, brown liquor and John Silver without filter!
Billy and The Kids are now constantly on tour in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
In February 2017 they are going on a U.S. Tour where they will perform at Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion among other places.
Stefan Billy Nilsson recently became a Gretsch Guitars endorsee.
Stefan Billy Nilsson: lead guitar and lead vocals.
Walter Bjurenvall: drums
Roger Silver: upright bass"


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