Second Edition: Tetsuya Umeda @ Reaktorhallen

Reaktorhallen i Stockholm

Special site-specific performance!

Tetsuya Umeda gets ideas for his works from the environment and the circumstances surrounding the exhibition space. Spaces that at first glance seem to be nothing special, can turn out to have countless characteristics, found in the cavities above the ceiling or behind the wall. It is from such dialogue with a specific space that he creates his work, making use of found objects like daily tools and waste scraps in elaborate systems of cause-and-effect relationships. Powered by gravity, wind, centrifugal force or falling objects Umeda’s work keeps the situation unstable and unpredictable.

Testuya Umeda lives and works in Osaka.

NB: Reaktorhallen is fully accessible but due to the limited capacity and nature of the space (25 metres underground!) it may not be suitable for people who experience claustrophobia.

Tetsuya Umeda’s performance has been made possible with the support of the Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation.

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