Torment/Hets, 12 november 16.00

Bio Victor, Filmhuset i Stockholm

A young idealist, plagued by a sadistic teacher, falls in love with a sweet tobacco vendor in distress. Highly acclaimed actor Stig Järrel is brilliant as Caligula, the heartless Latin tutor who bullies his students and terrifies them into obedience. Torment won the Grand Prix in Cannes, and Ingmar Bergman not only wrote the script for the film but also served as Alf Sjöberg’s assistant director.

Original title: Hets, director: Alf Sjöberg, cast: Stig Järrel, Mai Zetterling, Alf Kjellin, Gunnar Björnstrand, 1944, Sweden, DCP 2K, 1 hr 41 min, Swedish, English subtitles, suitable for 11 years

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Bild för Torment/Hets, 12 november 16.00, 2016-11-12, Bio Victor, Filmhuset
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    Bio Victor, Filmhuset (59.34 18.1024)
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