Steve Forbert (US)

Folk Å Rock i Malmö

Efter förra årets bejublade framträdande kommer Steve Forbert tillbaka till Folk Å Rock i oktober.

Om inte Steves musik och rykte som liveartist får alla att vilja komma så borde följande historia från hans kommande biografi göra det.

One of the questions he answers in the book is one that’s he’s been asked about plenty of times over the years. And it has to do with how he got the part as Cyndi Lauper’s boyfriend (he’s the one dressed in the tuxedo trying to give a bouquet of flowers to Cyndi) in the video for her 1983 hit single, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

In the first excerpt to be published from “Memoirs,” Mr. Forbert reveals the story this way:

”In fact, in January 1982 we got a call asking if I’d play the part of the boyfriend in a video for Cyndi Lauper’s first single as a solo artist. She knew I’d say yes. I’d been to a few shows when she fronted the group Blue Angel. I liked the material and loved her big voice and throwback style — reminiscent to me of Brenda Lee. One night at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park I got on stage with them to sing a Little Richard song. A few months later this led to my appearance in one of the most-watched videos of all time, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’

”Conveniently enough, the shoot was taking place in a loft on my very block. I walked over there on a Sunday afternoon and hung around waiting. It was pretty zany — TV wrestler Captain Lou Albano pretended to be Cyndi’s scolding father. (As everyone knows, her real-life mother played the part of her mom.) They filmed the goofy conga line and I don’t think there was even any alcohol involved! Cyndi’s mustacioed lawyer and other random folks in the scene didn’t seem much like MTV types. And who in rock ‘n’ roll ever wanted their mother around?

”They finally got to a couple of takes that included me, with flowers, trying to get through a loud party in her make-believe bedroom. The album was months away from release. Who knew the video would turn out to be such a success? It was so off the wall and unpretentious that, at the time, I wasn’t sure it would fly.”

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